Each year, Ready.gov recognizes September as National Preparedness Month to remind homeowners and families that they must be ready to deal with a disaster or emergency at any time. The overarching theme this month focuses on disaster preparation.

The first focus for National Preparedness Month is that you should make and practice your plan. Know what to do in the case of any emergencies. Where will you go if you need shelter? What is your evacuation route? How will you communicate with your family? Understand each of your needs for yourself and your household, and make and practice a family emergency plan for all scenarios.

You and your family members should also learn life-saving skills. Know how to turn off the utilities in your home, keep smoke alarms on each floor in the house, or take a CPR class. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher in your house, and know when to call the fire department.An emergency disaster preparation checklist

Ready.gov also recommends checking your insurance coverage. Insurance should be your first line of defense, so be sure that it will cover damages for any likely situation. West Michigan residents will undoubtedly remember the 2013 Grand River flood, where water levels rose to nearly 22 feet and caused roughly $12 million in damages.

Finally, plan financially to save for an emergency. Collect and secure any critical records for your family, including financial, insurance, and medical files. It will not only give your peace of mind but can ensure that your recovery process can begin without any delay.

Over the last two years, hurricanes and wildfires have been reminders of the importance of disaster preparation. Even though storms and flooding may not be the biggest threats to West Michigan homes, it never hurts to be prepared.

Regardless of the situation, Action Restoration is ready to respond to your crisis. Action Restoration is equipped to handle water damage & restoration, fire damage & repair, wind damage, mold and mildew remediation, storm damage, vandalism, and other emergency damage restoration services.

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