If you’re one of the thousands of West Michigan families affected by the early thaw and subsequent flooding, be aware that even small amounts of water can cause significant damage. The most obvious question after a flood isn’t always “How to remove wet carpet” but it should be a top priority. Spending the time immediately following a flood - to make sure any affected areas are both completely dry and clean - can save you thousands later on.

How to Remove Wet Carpet

  1. Begin immediately – The sooner you begin cleaning up after water damage, the better your chances of preventing mold underneath your carpets. Use a wet/dry vacuum to suction as much moisture as possible from areas affected by the flood.
  2. Use fans – Water damaged furniture and flooring materials will take several days to dry out even when fans run continuously. Often, areas will feel dry to the touch when they are still quite moist underneath.
  3. Rent a dehumidifier if you don’t own one – These machines remove excess moisture from the air speeding up the drying process and helping prevent mold and mildew growth.

Unfortunately, when flood waters seep into your home or business, they bring mud, silt, sewage, and mildew with them. So, while everything may look and feel dried out after a few days, dangerous germs and microorganisms may be growing in your home. The added steps of steam cleaning permanent flooring and sanitizing walls and baseboards will further safeguard your family.

Flood warnings are being issued early this year in West Michigan. With unseasonably warm February temperatures and rain on top of a pretty significant snow event earlier in the month, flooding has prompted road closures across West Michigan.

Ionia and Newaygo County officials have declared a local state of emergency due to severe flooding throughout the area. And residents in low-lying areas of Lowell, where the Grand River and Flat River converge, have been warned to move furniture and valuables to the upper floors in their homes. Parking restrictions have also been lifted to allow for the storage of personal vehicles and trailers outside flooded areas.

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