Icicles hanging from a snowy rooftop may seem picturesque, but they are a sign of something far more severe. Ice forming between your shingles and along your gutter rail can block the flow of melting snow off your roof and damage your roofing, resulting in water seeping into your home, making ice dam damage repair a necessity.

And while a leaking roof is terrible enough, moisture entering the house from ice dams can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Icicles are caused primarily by uneven temperatures on the roof of a building. For ice dams to form there must be snow on the roof, upper areas of the roof’s surface must be above freezing, and lower regions have to be below 32°F.

As melted snow runs down the roof, once it’s no longer on the warmer surface, the water freezes again and ice dams begin to form along the roof’s bottom edge and in the gutter.

As time goes by, more snow melts, more water runs down over the ice, more ice builds up, and more icicles dangle from your roof. If you’re paying attention, you can easily see all of this happening.

What you don’t mind are the severe consequences that are happening underneath the ice dams. Ice pushes up beneath your roofing damaging the shingles. Then it melts and causes moisture issues in the roofing and eventually in your attic.


Ice Dam Damage Repair & Prevention

They may be beautiful but icicles are a sign of a backing up gutter system. Call Action Restoration about ice dam damage repair today.

Understanding that wasted heat is the primary cause of uneven temperatures on your roof is the first step to fixing the problem and preventing future ice dams. As winter arrives and snows fall, we heat our homes to a comfortable temperature. But, because heat rises, our attics are often significantly warmer than the living spaces in our homes. The purpose of attic insulation is twofold.

  1. Keep warm air in
  2. Keep cold air out

You can’t stop heat from rising altogether, but adding insulation to your attic will keep more of the warm air in your living spaces. And a cooler attic means more even temperatures on your roof and fewer ice dams.

If you’ve got icicles hanging down, you could have serious problems – damaged shingles, water seepage, mold, and mildew. Action Restoration has the solution.

From straightforward issues to serious issues, our knowledgeable restoration experts are prepared to assist you 24/7. Do you have icicles hanging from your roof? Call Action Restoration today.