Your house survived through the cold winter, and your pipes held strong through freezing temperatures. However, a pipe bursts can still happen in the summer months due to some different factors.

Pipe bursts occur in the winter because when the water freezes, it expands and expands the pipe with it, causing hundreds of dollars in water damage.

Freezing rain is not a factor in the warm summer, but you should keep an eye out for other indicators that your pipes may burst at any time.

  1. Older pipes can start to rust over, which affects the integrity of the pipe’s strength and ability to withstand the water pressure. Too much rust or wear and tear will make your home’s pipes vulnerable to bursting.
  2. Hard water contains a higher content of magnesium and calcium. Both are not harmful to the human body but can be detrimental to your home’s pipes. Those minerals can build up in pipes and faucets, which slow your water pressure. That buildup can corrode through your pipelines, which create holes for water to flow.
  3. Newer pipes may even be at risk to bursting if improperly installed. Poorly soldered or wrongly fitted connections between pipes can cause further problems.

Your old and worn out pipes lose the ability to withstand normal levels of water pressure, which will increase the risk of bursting and causing damage to your home.

Pipe bursts can happen at any time, even in summer.

If you notice stains on the wall, it could be a sign that your pipes are leaking. Discolored water might mean your pipes are rusty. Mineral buildups in your pipes might also cause a drop in water pressure.

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